Defining sexual harassment

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Sexual Harassement: Is It or Isn't It?

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual Harassment: Is It or Isn't It?

For locations with both office and manufacturing personnel.

Sexual HarassmentHere's a practical solution when you need to provide sexual harassment awareness and prevention training to a mixed group of office personnel and manufacturing employees. The alternates between office and manufacturing settings that may or may not be perceived as sexual harassment--and the actions to take against them. Each situation--some subtle, others rather obvious.

You need to create a non-threatening work environment for your employees. By clearly communicating your organization's policies on sexual harassment, you can reinforce the message that sexual harassment will not be tolerated within your organization.


  • Define sexual harassment and offensive behavior that could be considered harassment
  • Spot the types of harassment likely to occur in the workplace
  • Recognize the negative effects harassment has on people
  • Prevent harassment to improve morale and productivity

Some situations include:

  • Casual touching
  • Pursuing after-hours relationships
  • Using direct sexual language
  • Blatant sexual advances and comments