Defining sexual harassment

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Sexual Harassement: A Matter of Respect

What is Sexual Harassment?

A Matter of Respect: How to Recognize & Eliminate Disrespectful Behavior


Harassment, whether direct or indirect, takes many forms. Innuendos, slurs, mimicking, jokes, leering, intimidation, touching, gesturing, threats, rumors, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, forms of harassment are taking place every day within most organizations. And, unless disrespectful behavior is recognized and appropriate action taken, it will continue and lead to low morale, poor productivity, and turnover.

Employees need to:

  • Get in touch with their feelings and express their reactions
  • Recognize and discuss direct and indirect forms of disrespectful behavior between co-workers and outside customers.
  • Learn and role play the most effective approaches to confronting the harasser directly.
  • Recognize that it may be necessary and appropriate to report harassment to a manager or human relations person in the organization.

Topics that need to be discussed

  • Age
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation or Preference
  • Disability
  • Sex or Gender
  • Weight
  • Language or National Origin
  • Insensitivity by Managers and Supervisors
  • Rumors